Country Living Series

Here at the Rockford Grange we are committed to re-connect people to the old ways of living off the land. In this Country Living Series we will offer classes on how to do just that. We will be teaching you how to make your own baskets, your own bags and clothes from felt, how to blacksmith and make your own arrowheads, and teach you about the local plants of the area and how to utilize them for food and medicine. These are only Some of the classes we will be offering so be sure to check our calendar and to sign up soon as these classes can get filled rather quick!

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This Calendar shows events in the Country Living Series or search by classes below:

Felt Bags
Learn how to make your very own bags from raw wool with Kaan! He will teach you the history of felting, the various ways to felt, and he will lead you in the process of making your very own felt bag!

Nettle: Incredible Edible and Traditional Medicinal
Join us in an exploration of the plant Urtica dioica, the common stinging nettle. In this day-long workshop we will learn to identify nettle and it’s lookalikes, harvest the fresh herb, and prepare a delicious spring greens pesto. Also learn how best to preserve the nettle for later use, and some of the myriad medicinal benefits of this plant.

Wear suitable clothing for walking through a marsh in the rain, along with gloves, scissors and some cloth collection bags.

All ages welcome but be prepared to be hiking through wet marshes of uneven ground.

Clay Pots
Join Erin for this introductory class in the ancient art of primitive pottery. In our time together we will construct beautiful, traditional style pots, and fire them in an open fire pit.

Willow Gathering Baskets
In this class Erin will discuss material harvesting, preparation and work on weaving technique. Each person will walk away with an understanding of wicker basket construction and a small, beautiful basket if their own.

Flintknapping is the art of turning rocks and glass into arrowheads, knives, and much more. Kaan will teach you the basics of flintknapping, teach you where and how to find materials, and lead you in the process of making your very first arrowhead out of glass bottle bottoms!

Primitive Blade Smithing
This class will focus on knife blade construction using high carbon steel in a primitive ground forge. Students will learn the full process of blade construction from shaping to tempering. Moderate hand and arm strength and the ability to kneel comfortably on the ground are both important for this class.

Build Your Own Earth Oven
Learn to build a beautifully functional earthen bake oven. Using almost entirely free and  local building materials, participants in this hands-on workshop will learn the basics of earthen (cob, adobe) construction techniques, and use these skills to bake delicious bread and pizza.

The workshop will take place over three full six hour days, and prepare to get muddy!

Families and people of all ages welcome, physical participation not required but highly encouraged.

Local Plant Medicine
We will connect with and make medicine with a handful of the amazing plants that grow in the gorge. This class will cover identification, when to harvest, and how to thoughtfully and ethically wildcraft as well as basic medicine making.